Raised Garden Beds


Easy Gardening with Raised Garden Beds

Gardening can be a lot of fun, but can also be a lot of work. Finding a way to do so without so much work,and that will increase the amount of produce for the space, is using raised garden beds. 
These beds can be made about any height that is comfortable for you. They are ideal if you have back or knee problems, or if you are older and find it hard to bend and stoop. You will find this can be a hobby instead of just a means to grow more food. 
Instead of planting a straight row, after plowing the soil and amending it, with fertilizer and plant food, you will plant in your bed that uses soil that you have previously used. Just break and large lumps of soil from last year. 
You will plant your garden from wall to wall in the raised bed. Spacing also is allowed much closer. Read instructions and space according. You will put only one to two seeds in each planting spot, meaning seeds required is much less than when planted in rows. 
Putting a protective layer before setting up your bed will keep weeds from growing. Your weeding task will be very minor, just having the occasional stray weed to pop out and need pulling. The soil is looser, so pulling that stray weed is effortless. 
You plants will give a much higher yield because you are not overcrowding. Also, the soil remains much looser and aerated much better so air and water can get to the roots and provide the nutrients needed. 
If you are going to the expense and trouble to grow a garden, do it easier and better by using Raised garden beds. Once you used this method, you'll never want to go back to any other method.

Discover The Many, Impressive Benefits Of Organic Gardening
If you are looking for a pleasant and relaxing way to lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and minimize the chances of depression, you may be surprised to hear that gardening can be the answer. Perhaps it isn't so surprising, as most of us know just how relaxing it can be spending time in a beautiful garden, and doing so really does help you to feel relaxed, calm and positive. 
Organic growing is fast increasing in popularity given that it can booth bolster a person's health and give this individual a chance to do something positive for the natural environment. Growing fruits and vegetables via the use of products that have been sourced naturally represents the gist of organic gardening.
No Need For Harmful Chemicals
The absence of any potentially harmful fertilizers and pesticides is perhaps the biggest appeal of organic gardening, as many avid gardeners will tell you. Eating your own food that has been grown organically also ensures that you aren't ingesting any chemicals or pesticides.
Organic Gardening Is An Engaging Hobby
Although you may find it easier to go for the nearest garden store and buy the chemicals you need to use in the garden, but it is nearly not as fulfilling than using organic means for gardening and watch your work grow. As you see your garden develop through your own work it is a satisfying feeling and you will have more fun by doing things on your own than you thought was possible with gardening.
Help Future Generations By Gardening The Right Way
Pesticides and chemicals can affect the health of future generations, including your children, and by choosing to garden organically, you are lowering the chances of that happening.
Environment Protection
Given that soils in organic gardens have a much higher content of organic matter, the risk of topsoil erosion is very minimal. Having no pesticides in these gardens helps keep the local water supply clean and safe to drink, and an absence of chemicals and pesticides is far better for small animals, birds, and insects too.
You'll Make More Savings
It isn't cheap to buy chemicals from your local garden store, and it's a lot less expensive to make your own fertilizer and pesticides from waste from your garden or kitchen. And it may surprise you to realize that you can save up to 50 percent on your costs by growing organic produce yourself, rather than buying it from the supermarket or from your local health food store.
There are plenty of uses for the items that you routinely throw away at home - discarded coffee that has gone stale is an effective deterrent for pests, for example.

And mixing a tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap and a cup of cooking oil also makes a natural, chemical free yet effective spray for pests. Lastly, having Raised garden beds can be quite helpful in creating your organic garden.